Cat Heating Pad Electric Heating Pad For Cats Bed Heaters Waterproof C

Cat Heating Pad Electric Heating Pad For Cats Bed Heaters Waterproof Cat Pad Heater For Cats Winter Heated Blanket Seat

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Cat Heating Pad Electric Heating Pad For Cats Bed Heaters Waterproof Cat Pad Heater For Cats Winter Heated Blanket Seat



Cat Heating Pad, Electric Heating Pad For Cats, Bed Heaters, Waterproof Cat Pad, Heater For Cats, Winter Heated Blanket Seat, Removable Wool Cover, 7-speed Temperature Controller,  prevent leakage, anti-bite, anti-leakage, prevent overheat protection, cat heating pad with soft cloth cover, for newborn cats, for pregnant cats





Bullet Points:

1. Cat Heating Pad: Suitable for advanced pets such as cats and dogs, newborn pets, pregnant pets or animals from the injured, give your pets the right amount of calorie supplements in the cold winter, and people can also use them.

2. 7-speed Temperature Controller: In the range of 25-55/75°F-135°F, open the default 25°C/75°F, and increase the temperature by 5°C/10°F for each additional temperature, choose a comfortable setting for your cat.

3. Safety Protection: Comprehensively consider the possible dangers in the design, prevent leakage, anti-bite, anti-leakage, prevent overheat protection, etc. The product will automatically power off when it reaches the overheating temperature, and it will be reheated and safer than the set temperature.

4. Removable Wool Cover: The soft cloth cover is easy to remove and wash and can be machine washed. Note that the heating machine cannot be cleaned.

5. Size: about 60cm*45cm/24*18in, can be used alone, also suitable for padding in cats, sofas, floors, etc.






Wash Style: Mechanical Wash

Material: Nylon

Item Type: Bed Mats

Weight: 1kg

Feature: Heating

Pattern: Print

Model Number: pet heating pad

Color: blue

Size: about 23.7in x 17.8in/60cm x 45cm

Power: 75W

Voltage: AC100-240V, 50-60HZ

Temperature: 7-speed adjustable (75°F-135°F/25-55°C)

Function: anti-bite, waterproof, anti-overheat protection, etc.

Safety certification: CE, ETL, CNA, IP67 certification

Uses: direct use or placed on the sofa, kenneletc.

Warm tip: This product is designed with full consideration of the different living habits of various animals, avoiding the possibility that users and pets may be dangerous when using the product: such as anti-bite protection, anti-leakage and anti-leakage protection, anti-overheat protection, etc. .







1. Press the power switch, the digital tube displays 75°F, the heating pad defaults to 75°F, the temperature is increased from 10°F to 75°F to 135°F, and the power supply on both sides is converted to Celsius °C. Each time the up button is pressed, the temperature is changed by 5 ° C in turn from 25 ° C to 55 ° C, each press of the down button, the temperature is reduced by the degree of staying a file, a total of 7 files.

2. In the working state, the heating indicator is on, indicating that the product is in heating. When the heating indicator is off, the balance is reached, and the product is automatically powered off and the heating is stopped. When the product is lower than the set temperature, the power supply heating will be automatically restarted immediately.

3. Close: Press the power switch, the digital tube is not displayed, the heating indicator is off, indicating that the heating pad heating function is off and enters the standby state.



Packing List:

1 x cat heating pad

1 x wool cover

1 x instruction manual