About Us

Alaboncat Story

Peekaboo is my family’s first pet. I still vividly remember the day I met her five years ago. My family discussed getting a cat because my three daughters had wanted one so much. We made a promise to take some time to get to know about cats before having one. But on the next day of the compromise, when I was working all day as usual, I got a phone call from my eldest daughter. “Mom, we have to bring this little kitty home right now.” Oh, god! And that night, that super tiny kitty became our family member. She came out of a small box as if she was “Peek-A-Booing” me, her marvelous blue eyes shining in the dark, and that moment was quite unforgettable. That is how she got the name Peekaboo.

I am a working mom living in Seattle with three daughters, a husband, and Peekaboo. I started a small business called AlabongCat while keeping my old job. I am truly glad to establish my business with my family’s support. My daughters are great supporters of AlabongCat; they came up with amazing ideas for the brand name and the cute logo. AlabongCat is small now, but has a lot of potential to grow bigger. I am confident with it because this company means family, which is everything to me.

There was a toy that Peekaboo loved very much. One day, she was playing with toys as usual. It was then that she was seriously injured. She was so hard for a while, and we were heartbroken as we watched her. So I decided to make a toy that is safe for cats. Most of all, I want to share some safe and fun things that Peekaboo loves with you. I would like to share the joy and excitement of my furry friend with yours. I believe your and your cats’ joy will start and build up here. We will be a part of something that helps your cat to be more joyful. Get more of what you love with your cats and enjoy your time.

If your cat likes toys to hide, get this. My cat is obsessed with these toys. I move the wand around under a towel and she never tires of it. I was worried about the fabric staying on the end of the wand, but it’s held up to much abuse very well. Even if it does come off eventually, it looks really simple to glue back. These are great quality for the price! I do wish the wand didn’t bend quite so easily as it gets caught in the towel sometimes, but it’s not really an issue. Also, the little chicken that comes with it was not interesting to my kitty, but one wand by itself was totally worth the money. Cat approved! - from Amazon Customer