Cat Hit Gophers Cat Hunt Toy with Scratcher Catch Mouse Game Interacti

Cat Hit Gophers Cat Hunt Toy with Scratcher Catch Mouse Game Interactive Hit Hamster Kitten Tease Toy

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Cat Toy Interactive Hit Hamster Kitten Toys Grinding Nail Cat Scratcher Corrugated Paper Scratching Board Cat Accessories

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1. Addictive Cat Toy: The two bell balls on the track provide an outlet for their hunting and batting instincts, and provide hours of entertainment and exercise for your cat or kitten.
2. Cat Scratching Board: The stable cat scratching cardboard provides a place for cats to stretch and exercise their claws, reduce stress, and help protect your furniture from cats’ claws.
3. Satisfy Cat's Instincts: To satisfy cats' natural scratching and hunting instincts, this cat toy will help your cat get paws, daily exercise and good physical and mental health.
4. 3-in-1 Interactive Toy: The cat scratch toy is made of recyclable materials and comes with a bag of catnip and 3 non-slip stickers. It can be used as a scraper, cat track toy and lounge.




1. Mouse hunting educational toy cat keeps your kitten active, smart and curious!


2. Interactive toys can prevent kittens from getting bored. It will keep your cat busy and happy!


3. Cats can lie on it to rest when they are tired from playing.


4. The scratch board made of corrugated paper can be used as a cat toy or as a scratch board.


5. Healthy, environmentally friendly, sturdy and durable.



Type: cat toy


Size: 36x26x6cm


Material: Corrugated paper and solid wood


Great for entertaining and entertaining


Exercise the cat's body while playing and use it as a Christmas gift


They are willing to chase and prepare to entertain.


You must be attracted by these interesting and colorful little things so that your pet


Suitable for indoor play or training. Not only can you enhance the relationship between you and your pet, but you can also train your cat's IQ!




1. Due to screen lighting and differences, the color of the item may be slightly different from the photo.


2. Due to manual measurement, please wait for a difference of 1-3cm


Package Contents: 

3-in-1 Scratching Board 1

1 x cat hitting hamster toy,

1 x funny cat stick


Toys Type: brain games

Origin: CN(Origin)

Type: cats


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